Monday, April 13, 2009

NewerTech / Vantec GUID problem solved

Okay, it turns out that NewerTech just left one tiny, but significant little tidbit out of their instructions for fixing the non-unique GUID problems with their Voyager Q drive docks (see this post).  You have to manually change the GUID yourself.  Problem solved.  So you can follow their instructions (except be sure not to have a Windows-formatted disk mounted when you do it—see this post) all the way up until they tell you to "select exit".  Before exiting, you should do the following.  (You might have to rescan the USB bus before doing this; I don't know because I never did this all in one setting.)
  • Click "Modify Configuration Information"
  • Change "Chip ID Lo" from 45647 to numbers of your choosing
  • Click "Upload Changes"
I chose to change a couple of digits in the first part of the number, set the lowest digit to zero on the first unit I flashed, and then increment it by one for each additional unit.  It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you never use two units with the same number.

I probably should have thought of this on my own, but a helpful person at NewerTech technical support asked, as his very first question once I'd explained how my update had succeeded but failed to fix the problem, "Did you change the GUID?"  I mentioned they probably ought to add this step to their instructions.


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  1. Larry,

    I'm glad to see your problem was resolved with the help of tech support at NewerTech. I'll make mention to them about the missing line in the instructions. Appreciate that you put such a complete post about the problem resolution in your blog.

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    Ilene Hoffman, MS
    Web Community Manager/Editor
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